Pricing & Ordering

The pricing is split in two, we have a Design&Setup fee and then the unit price per envelope. To calculate the cost of your invites, simply multiply the number of invites needed by the unit price and then add your design fee onto it.

Not all our designs as listed on the pricelist, if you have a specific question on an invite please mail us on

Below is a link to our current pricing for 2024

(it is subject to change so please email for our most up to date pricing)

Ordering Invites – A suggested Timeline

Wedding Day

RSVP Date 4 weeks before

Send Invites 10 to 8 weeks before

Receive and Write Invites 12-10 weeks before

Produce Invites 14-12 weeks before

Begin design process 26 weeks/6months before

Details Form – Below is our details form, again if you can download and complete it with your details. Email it back to us on along with your chosen design and we can get to work on your chosen design

Some of our more up to date designs are here on our instagram account Invites by Jen (@invitesbyjenirl) • Instagram photos and videos